Trans feminism International now offers trans-competency training! Our founder, Otter Lieffe, has been running trainings since 2016 to a wide variety of groups – including herbalists, DJs, sex shops and mental health professionals – building competency, safety and inclusion for trans folk in their spaces and events. Trainings are live or online and can be arranged by sending an email to otter dot lieffe at gmail dot com.

Otter also runs an online course for holistic therapists.

Trans competency training at Other Nature, Berlin. July, 2019

Testimonials for our trainings

“From the first moment when I approached Kes Otter Lieffe about organising a one-on-one Trans-Inclusivity Training session, she was the perfect combination of professional and warm, and made me feel completely at ease in exploring what I was worried could be a potentially difficult or emotional subject. I highly recommend Otter’s training sessions, in particular for anyone focused on promoting the safety and wellbeing of attendees at their events; she is perceptive when assessing needs, pragmatic in suggesting solutions, and professional in her execution.”

Ivy, Éclat Crew, Berlin

“Working with Kes has been an absolute dream. Since graduating with my degree in Queer Theory, I’ve felt like my mission was to queer the conversation around sex, however applying theory into practice is not always easy. Kes has assisted me with practical solutions to ongoing issues so often found in a trans-negative society. I have felt supported in updating my language and understanding of the trans experience in order to apply it to the work that I do in the sex-positive space.”

Oli Lipski, Freelance Sex & SexTech Writer, London 

“Kes Otter Lieffe delivered a one-to-one trans awareness and competency training for me in January 2017. It was, quite simply, transformative. As a mental health professional and activist I was looking for some grounding into basic concepts, so as to make my work more accessible and relevant to trans folk. The training did not only meet these expectations, it exceeded them, and gave me an insight into a more reflective, thoughtful and inclusive way of working, which centres precarious and marginalised voices and bodies.
Otter is incredibly knowledgeable and a very experienced group and individual trainer;  but I believe the reason she is a an exceptional teacher is because, for her, sharing this knowledge is a key part of her life’s mission. She trains with joy, kindness, humour and infinite patience. I learnt so much from our training, and the ripples continue two years on.

Akiko Hart is the Chair of ISPS UK, a Committee Member of the English Hearing Voices Network. and the Hearing Voices Project Manager at Mind in Camden. 

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