Last summer TFI launched her first project!

We are getting donation pots into venues in Berlin so people at risk can take private transport home or travel safer on public transport starting with our fabulous partners:

Aequa,Boar, Éclat Crew, Hydra Cafe, Karada House, No Shade, Other Nature, Room 4 Resistance and more on the way.

For marginalised people, community participation is an essential part of survival and attending events can be an important part of that. Unfortunately, many people who attend events, parties and workshops by public transport are at risk, particularly trans women/trans-feminine people, people with disabilities and QTPOC (queer and trans people of colour) among others.

In its mission to support people with trans-feminine experience and others, Trans Feminism International is creating, distributing and helping manage pots of money that can be accessed by anyone who feels at risk taking public transport and might not otherwise be able to afford, or justify, the cost of private transport or a ticket for public transport. The pots come with guidelines and continued support in setting up the system.

Would you like to have a Get-Home-Safe pot at your venue or event?

Whether you’re interested in joining the Berlin network or setting up your own Get-Home-Safe fund independently, we’ve created this free guide to explain how!

Update! Get-Home-Safe was recently featured in Siegesäule!

TFI is entirely grassroots funded. Every cent donated helps us to operate and create projects for our community. Thank you. If you’d like to donate to the get-home-safe pots directly, pop into any of the events at Aequa, Boar, Éclat Crew, Hydra Cafe, Karada House, No Shade, Other Nature and Room 4 Resistance

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