In Western Europe, the great majority of visible trans organising is done by middle and upper-class professionals. Their organising often fails to address the material needs and interests of the most economically marginalised members of the trans community. Similarly, umbrella LGBT and feminist organisations in Europe tend not to focus on transmisogyny, a unique discrimination faced by trans women and trans-feminine people. While the material needs of poor and marginalised trans women are underrepresented in trans activism, we continue to face violence, incarceration, precarious  housing and rely on criminalised forms of employment such as sex work.

TFI is led and guided by some of the most-marginalised members of our community, our current team includes low-income, chronically ill, sex-working, formerly incarcerated and/or trans-feminine people. Our lived experiences fuel TFI’s mission and our work as we focus on projects that meet the material needs of underrepresented trans people across Western Europe and North America.

Otter Lieffe, founder of Trans Feminism International
This is the first presentation of Trans Feminism International and is an adapted version of the speech given by Otter Lieffe at the V-day performance in Brussels in February, 2019

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