Trans Feminism International is a grassroots and community-driven organisation established in 2019 to support and empower trans women and trans-feminine people to change our own lives and to resist the violence, discrimination, marginalisation and precarity we often face.

TFI was established in March, 2019 and our first nine months have been busy!

Get Home Safe Fund

We’ve rolled out Get-Home-Safe pots to venues and events across Berlin for those at risk on public transport

Solidarity Learning Resource

Created an education resource on social media to encourage everyday solidarity for our community

Film series

Organised a Trans Feminist Film series to create a community space to celebrate trans-feminine achievements and support our siblings in prison

Competency Trainings

Ran Trans-competency trainings to build safety, access and relevance for trans women in more spaces in Berlin and internationally

TFI is entirely grassroots funded. Every cent donated helps us to operate and create projects for our community. Please put “TFI” in the payment notes – Thank you.

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